Palestinian baby burned to death in settler attack ישראל לשרוף תינוק


Israeli settlers burned to death 18 month Palestinian baby boy Ali Saad Dawabsheh by setting fire to his family’s home while they slept. The family rushed out of their burning home and saved their 4-year old son who was suffocating from smoke inhalation. This is not an outlier of bad Zionist settler apples- this is constitutive of settler-colonialism’s structural violence – Jewish supremacy is the corollary to Palestinian ethnic cleansing.

It is among the 11,000 settler attacks against Palestinian bodies and lands that have gone unpunished in the last decade. Impunity for these practices ensures their exponential rise- including 144% increase in violence from 2009-2011. This attack is in « revenge » for the demolition of 2 « illegal » buildings in the illegal settlement of Beit Il – because colonial subjects are not human and thus expendable. Ali Saad Dawabsheh was burned alive in his home while he slept. It was not the first attempt to kill sleeping Palestinian families—unlikely to be the last. Ali Saad Dawabsheh was burned alive.
The killing of « animal » was taken from the attention of the world’s largest space of burning a Palestinian child!
Body of Palestinian baby burned to death in Molotov cocktail attack by ‘Jewish extremists’ is carried through the streets of his West Bank village
Eighteen-month-old Ali Dawabsheh killed and four relatives injured after attackers torched two Palestinian homes ישראל לשרוף תינוק
حردوماقوا_الرضيع #حرقوا_الطفولة #حرقوا_البراءة #فلسطين #صوت_الغد #نابلس




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