To all Palestinians and Arab Community in Montréal – Demonstration is organized at Montréal Saturday, August 8th at noon front of G.C Israeli to Westmount Square

bébé-martyr - 1 août 2015

The Canadian Palestinian Foundation of Québec in Montréal invites all Palestinians and the Arab Communities in Montréal, to participate in the organized Demonstration that will take place on to express our outrage and disappointment from both the Israeli Occupying Regime, and the PA for their negligence and direct irresponsible contribution to such inhuman acts performed by Satanic Jewish settlers who came from different corners of this world, to disrupt any possible peace in the region!


We strongly condemn the Human Rights Organization, the United Nations, the Security Council and the PA, who seem to keep their eyes closed on such atrocities against the Palestinian people. That includes almost all the Religious Leaders who do not dare to speak out thus allowing those Satanic, barbaric Jewish Settlers, to continue the Killing of innocent Palestinian children that led to the burning of the 18 months newly born infant “Ali Dawabsheh” and setting fire to his family home in Duma village near Nablus.


We also should insist that the PA must stop the security arrangements with the Occupying Regime and prevent them from having a free hand to continue killing and disrupting the life of the Palestinian people in their occupied land, and in response to other brutal crimes against Palestinians that led to the falling of many Martyrs along the years! This is contrary to one of God’s Commandments: “Thou shall not Kill”!

We urge all Arab Canadian Communities, Canadians and Quebecers including all human rights  activists to join this Memorial Demo this coming Saturday.

May God bless Ali’s Soul and rest in peace in the Gardens of Heaven!



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