Bruce Katz, co-president of PAJU: « Netanyahu causing Israeli society to implode »



Press TV has interviewed Bruce Katz, co-president of Palestinian and Jewish Unity in Montreal, about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterating his controversial remarks on the occupied Golan Heights despite criticism.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Netanyahu has now repeated this statement twice. How do you feel about it?

Katz: First, the rhetoric that he uses is a rhetoric that he considers necessary to keep his coalition partners on board. He is also playing to Israeli public opinion because the whole question of the Golan Heights is a red herring for any Israeli politician who would dare to say that he will be willing to negotiate a settlement concerning the Golan Heights, but he also does not feel the necessity to come to terms with Syria because the state of Syria is actually in turmoil, in large part due to the fact that Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other players in the region have been involved in fomenting what is now a civil war in Syria.

But as for this rhetoric, the usual theatrics of victimization whereas terror comes from the victims but the oppressor is scot-free and has unblemished hands, of course that is the usual Israeli rhetoric and especially from this extreme right coalition whereas it’s Netanyahu who was one of the prime fomenters of terror and terrorist tactics in the region.

As for talking about being there forever, excuse me if I find that to be an exceptionally arrogant statement. From a religious point of view only God is forever. Perhaps Netanyahu thinks of himself as God’s elder brother, that is not the case however, and it should be noted that at some point he will no longer be in power hopefully and hopefully that is in the short-term not in the long-term and it will be a future Israeli regime that will have to come to terms with the question of the Golan Heights and will have to settle it through political and diplomatic channels.

I would say this in terms of Netanyahu and his extreme right coalition at the rate that Netanyahu and these other members of his fascist coalition are causing Israeli society to implode forever and [that] will only be a question of another ten years or so.

Press TV: I am wondering Netanyahu and many of his supporters when they talk about Golan Heights say it is important for Israel to keep it because of security reasons but I am wondering isn’t it ironic because it is Israel in fact which has carried out attacks within Syria during this crisis?

Katz: That is exactly the case. At any rate they keep talking about security. The only security that Israel will ever have will come through a negotiated peace and this particular regime, through its hatemongering and warmongering, is not interested in peace.

Netanyahu has never been interested in peace. People only have to look at his track record to understand that he can only remain in power as long as he keeps his people in fear and as long as he uses the idea of an external enemy that can never and that there will never be any peace prospects for Israel, there is only military intervention.

So really as I have said before this man is the second Simon bar Kokhba of Israel and the only place he can take Israel is on its continuing path of self-destruction and implosion. They have to affect the regime change in Tel Aviv before any type of progressive thinking can be affected or expressed in Tel Aviv. There is no other way for it. Netanyahu is one-way trip to the abyss for Israeli society.




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