What is Modern Israel : Lecture by Professor Yakov M. Rabkin

Independet Jewish Voices McGill invites you to a public lecture with Professor Yakov M. Rabkin. He will be presenting his new book, « What is Modern Israel? », followed by a Q&A.

Open to students, professors, community members, families, etc.

Here is a brief bio:

Yakov M. Rabkin is Professor of History at the University of Montréal, where he has taught since 1973. His areas of interest include contemporary Jewish history and the history of science. He has published and edited five books and more than three hundred articles. His book, A Threat from Within: a Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism is now available in fifteen languages, including Hebrew. It was nominated for the Governor General’s Award in Canada and the Hecht Award in Israel. Yakov Rabkin is also an active, long-time participant in inter-faith dialogue as well as a frequent commentator on international affairs in both print and electronic media. He has also been interviewed for several films on Jewish and Israeli history. Rabkin is a founding member of IJV Canada.

This event is anti-oppressive: any racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic or any other harmful behaviors will not be tolerated, and you will simply be asked to leave. Thank you for a joint committment to creating positive spaces on campus for collective learning.

We are happy to annonce that this venue is wheelchair accessible. If you have questions about event accessibility, or if you have access needs, please feel free to contact us at ijvmcgill@gmail.com.


IJV McGill is a group of Jewish students and community members dedicated to holding space for non/anti-Zionist voices. We aim to bring awareness about Palestine and the growing Jewish solidarity movement to campus through events, Shabbat potlucks and community workshops.

We are the third student chapter of the national IJV Canada organization.

If you are interested in attending one of our Shabbat gatherings, email at: ijvmcgill@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!



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